About us

Small development company, big dreams

If you're looking for a development partner that can help you deliver faster, we're the team for you.

Introducing Indent Studio, a company that helps startups and companies to rapidly deliver new products and features. On our project we're developing what you need now and getting it done. We are makers, not dreamers.

Who are you?

A small and professional product development team, based in Hungary. Founded by 3 industry veterans, they have grown the company in the past 2 years to 12 people, worked with 14 clients on 22 projects.

Why did you create Indent Studio?

We always loved working in this industry, but we got frustrated in other companies dealing with small issues caused by bad management and organization culture, so we created our own company.

We are building the best product development company in Hungary, for our clients and for our employees.

What does Indent Studio do?

We do rapid and long-term, application and product development with modern web and mobile development tools.

We do whatever is needed to get your product or feature launched. If it's design or development, we've got top talent in both fields to make it happen quickly. Are you looking for an all-in-one, one stop shop? You found it!