My name is Eniko Muller, and I'm a Frontend developer at Indent Studio



My name is Eniko Muller, and I'm a Frontend developer at Indent Studio.

I live here:

Veszprém (HU)

I use these:

PC, notebook, Windows, AndroidStudio, VS Code + in the near future Mac too

My workplace:

Mostly at home, but according to the plan, I will travel more -> on the road, on a boat, in the mountains, on the beach, in a hotel...

What do you do besides work:

I am interested in sailing, I try to practice and learn as much as possible, as my time and especially money allows, I also prepare for competitions, and my long-term goals include obtaining more serious qualifications for both inland and sea.

One word that describes your work style:


When and how did you start in IT?

The engineering path became clear quite early on, and two options were outlined within it: chemical or electrical/IT engineering. In the end I graduated as an electrical engineer at the BME, but with my first full-time job I was already on the borderline as an embedded developer. Here, however, I didn't find the freedom I wanted and I didn't even feel that I wanted to deal with this in the long term, so I went in the direction of mobile development with self-education, which was already a sympathetic field.

How is your day at Indent Studio?

I get up as soon as I can, but usually I'm in front of my PC around 9-10, I can be useful until 12-13, then lunch and after-lunch rest/doing the chores/shop/etc. Then back to the computer, preferably a little exercise/walk/anything in the late afternoon, and then in the evening I become mentally active again, so I go back to work. But in reality, everything comes out differently every day, so I generally try to pay attention to the number of working hours per week.

What surprised you the most at Indent Studio?

From the first day, there is a level of mutual trust that does not develop in many places even after years

What do you like most about your job?

The flexibility. And as a Flutter developer, I can see the result of my code immediately

Why do you think it's worth working at Indent Studio?

The working hours are truly flexible, so everyone can adapt the work to their own lifestyle, not the other way around. There are no unnecessary meetings and other useless, hindering factors, we strive for efficiency. Although I am still very new, I see that the team is direct, supportive, and has a good atmosphere, and the professional prospects seem diverse, there is room for improvement.

What does your workplace look like? What does your table look like?

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