My name is Nagy Patricia, and I'm a Frontend developer at Indent Studio.



My name is Nagy Patricia, and I'm a Frontend developer at Indent Studio.

I live here:

Budapest (HU)

I use these:

Mac, Dell, Windows

My workplace:

Baobab Coworking Office

What do you do besides work:

I attend a university, and when I'm not studying I really like to paint while listening to loud music.

One word that describes your work style:


When and how did you start in IT?

Originally, I was preparing for the humanities faculty, but 2 weeks before I had to submit the application for the university, I didn't feel it was for me. Thanks to a sudden decision, I choose programming. Since then, I've been stuck here and found the things I like.

How is your day at Indent Studio?

In the morning, as soon as I arrive at the coworking office, I prepare the hot drink, that I feel like to have at that moment, and while sipping it, I read the incoming messages and write the daily status. Then I start a playlist depending on the complexity of the task (if it's very difficult, it's always lofi) and start programming. The rest of the day passes in a similar way, the keyboard and mouse clicking, interrupted by a short breaks. I get up around 5-5:30 p.m., stretch a bit to forget the whole day's sitting and go home.

What surprised you the most at Indent Studio?

I can put myself out of my comfort zone by trying out new technologies on various projects, therefore my job never makes me bored, there aren't any unecessary meetings, and always has some relaxing team building event.

What do you like most about your job?

I can use my creativity in different ways.

Why do you think it's worth working at Indent Studio?

It's a professional and welcoming team, where any problem can be overcome.

What does your workplace look like? What does your table look like?

IMG_9164 - Patrícia Nagy.jpg