Why fixed prices for a project are bad for you

Lots of companies do fixed prices for projects and a lot of times everyone loses on this:

If a company underestimates your project, they'll hurry, make mistakes and shortcuts or worse: they don't tell you about bugs.

If a company overestimates your projects, you'll pay double or even more.

Fixed prices are bad for you and your project as they often result in costing more in the long run.

Hourly rates

With hourly rates we can develop products at exactly the pace you are prepared for, whether that is enterprise-grade or lean startup prototyping.

We'll be a part of your team, present the progress made every week and answer your questions.

Our developers work around €20 - €80 / hour, depending on their experience.

Money-back guarantee

Any time you are not satisfied with our weekly progress you don't need to pay for that week.