Senior full stack developer

Looking for Senior Full-Stack Developer who will lead our in-house and key client projects with passion, open mind, and precision.



  • Jump into product development and feature specifications in our team, and make sure to deliver products on time that exceed customers’ expectations
  • Be the lead developer of complex web and mobile applications
  • Handle and communicate with clients
  • Be ready to share your experience with other developers


If you have these skills & experience:
  • Passion for clean, maintainable code
  • Ability to meet deadlines, exchange knowledge with colleagues, and be up-to-date with new trends
  • Ability to analyze and solve programming tasks independently and proactively
  • Experience in Frontend, Backend and Mobile technologies
  • Fluent English
If you are excited about:
  • Creating things in a quick, ‘try and fail’-manner
  • Understanding teamwork
  • Learning new things and improving yourself whenever you can
If, as a person, you are:
  • A swiss army knife: you are happy to solve difficult situations/cases
  • A Motivator: you have the ‘we can do it’ attitude
  • An Initiator: proactive, always searching for new ways and ready to step up to a new challenge
  • Empathetic: even under pressure, you resonate with how other people feel and think
  • Well-organized: you take responsibility for your decisions and manage your time and efforts easily


  • Using the latest technologies - we work with modern frameworks and are always keen to try new technologies
  • A front-row seat to see how trendy digital products are made - from the idea to modeling, UX, UI, development, testing to the very product itself
  • Meeting a bunch of enthusiastic people
  • Openness to new development ideas
  • Encouraged self-management - opportunity to manage your own time


What will I be working on?

On product development projects of 6+ months. We are making complex web and mobile applications.

What kind of people are you looking for?
  • Solution-oriented - if you get stuck, you try to find solutions or bring suggestions
  • Feedback-oriented - we regularly give and ask for feedback. You know how to handle it and don't get offended. We won't either because we want to grow.
  • Strong English - we also have English-speaking clients
Why would I want to work specifically with you?
  • No bullshit attitude towards ourselves and our clients
  • Fully remote work
  • Documented processes, meetings, descriptions: we like to work, we only have meetings when really needed 🙂. Currently, this represents about 3-4 hours per week for most of our developers.
  • We have worked a lot in poorly organized workplaces, so we put a lot of emphasis on organizing and documenting everything: there is a specification, the project managers have already seen code, the design must be approved by the developers as well... etc.
Who are we definitely not looking for?
  • If you request a detailed specification even for a simple dropdown
  • If you abstract a simple dropdown so much that it could even be tied to satellite control
How much is the pay?

8000 - 12000 HUF / hour, depending on your knowledge and experience.

Interested, what's next?
  • First round: write an email with your CV (or linkedin profile) to, with a short introduction and salary expectation
  • Second round: approx. 60-minute online interview, we get to know each other, you tell about your previous projects
  • Third round: a few hours test task, which of course we will pay for

You hate forms too? Reach us on phone:+36203422416or in email: